Cheap Website Design Options For Small Business

Launching a new business and funds are low? Here are some great ways to get a website for cheap.

We all know that a website is vital for your business. But it is possible to get a website on the cheap without it looking so ugly and dysfunctional that it’s actually hurting your business? Here are 3 ways to get a cheap website design for your business.

1. The cheapest option

Use a pre-made website template.

Templates are great because they allow you to have a professional-looking website without spending a lot of money on design. There are many template websites out there that offer a wide variety of designs for small businesses.

Positives of buying a website template

  • Much more affordable than hiring a designer, website templates range from $300-$1000.
  • You have a wide range of choices and can find a design that fits your business.

Negatives of buying a website template

  • You have to customize yourself
  • You may have to do some coding. Check to see how easy a template is to customize before purchasing or choose a website template that uses a platform like Showit, which requires no coding.

2. Little more expensive

Use a pre-made website template and have a designer customize it for you

For those wanting cheap website design and who have no design experience. I strongly recommend this option. You will get a professional-looking site at a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer for a custom job.

This option is much less expensive than hiring a web designer to create a website from scratch, and it allows you to get started with a high-quality website quickly.

You can find a website template that suits your business needs and then have a website designer customize it to match your branding. I recommend asking the designer who made the template if they can customize it for you and what the cost would be before buying a template.

You will also save so much time not doing it yourself and this will also ensure you get your website up and launched much faster than hiring someone to do it for you.

Positives of buying a website template and paying a designer to customize

  • Professional touch
  • Save your own time
  • Ensure that it gets done quickly

Negatives of buying a website template and paying a designer to customize

  • More expensive than doing it yourself

3. Most Expensive

Hire a website designer

Website designers are expensive, there’s no way around it. There are some designers out there that will do it for cheap, but you will be wasting your money on an inferior product. The quote ‘You pay peanuts, you get monkeys’ is a well-used quote in the design world. Many designers have payment plans now, which can help with cash flow. But it’s important to remember a website is an investment in yourself and your business and if done well will make you a lot of money.

Positives of using a web designer

  • Create a website strategy for you to drive results
  • Optimize your website for SEO
  • A designer will help you define your brand
  • Create a user-friendly website
  • Bespoke website, made to your own specific needs
  • Save you time, since it’s being made for you

Negatives of using a web designer

  • Website Designers can be expensive

Website design is important for small businesses. A website is often the first impression a potential customer has of your company, so it’s important to make sure that your website makes a good impression. As the number of people who shop online continues to grow, having a well-designed website is more important than ever. There are cheap website design options out there but choose wisely. There’s no point going to the cheapest option only to have to redo it because it’s not getting you the results it should be achieving.

know what your website needs

Need free tips on what your website needs?

know what your website needs

Need free tips on what your website needs?

Need free tips on what your website needs?


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