Your Guide to Website Domains: What they are & where to buy a domain

In this guide, we are going to walk you through what is a domain, tips on choosing the best domain, how to buy one, and the best sites to buy one from.

In today’s digital age, a website is essential for businesses of all sizes. But like anything in life, there are always a few more steps than you may have originally thought. To own a website you need to purchase a domain name.

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What is a Domain?

A domain is simply the address of your website. It’s what people will type into their browsers to find your site. For example, Google’s domain is

Think of the domain name as an address for a house.

Choosing a domain name

The first step in choosing a domain name is deciding what kind of website you plan on building. Are you creating a personal blog? An online store? A portfolio website? The type of website you’re building will help determine the best domain name for your needs.

While there are a few considerations that are very important for your decision. The domain’s availability is going to be one of the most important. On average a domain costs roughly $20 a year. However, there are businesses that buy domains they think people would like and keep them to try and sell to for from $2000- $4000. Annoying right? You can however get around this by changing the .com to something else like .store .net .live etc.

Check your domain name availability on Google Domain.

Here are some other things other to consider when choosing a domain name:

  • Keep it relevant: Your domain should reflect the content of your website. If you’re building a blog about fashion, for instance, you’ll want a name that includes either your blog title or keywords related to fashion blogging.
  • Location, location, location: Are you targeting a local audience or a global one? If you’re only targeting customers in your city or state, then including your location in your domain can be helpful (e.g., www.chicagodentist). But if you’re aiming for a wider audience, then skip the location and stick with a .com that reflects the content of your site instead (e.g.,
  • Keep it short and sweet: A long, complicated domain is not only difficult to remember, but it’s also difficult to type correctly. You want something that’s easy for people to find and easy for them to type.
  • Make it memorable: Along with being easy to type, you want your domain to be something that people will remember. That means keeping it simple and avoiding numbers and hyphens if possible.

Where to buy a domain

There are quite a few websites you can buy your domain from. The most well-known ones are

For each website, the price varies slightly but is generally quite similar.

Choosing the perfect domain name doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming— just follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to getting your business online!

know what your website needs

Need free tips on what your website needs?

know what your website needs

Need free tips on what your website needs?

Need free tips on what your website needs?


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