17 best health and fitness websites

Check out this list for the very best health and fitness websites.

With more and more people turning to the internet for information about their health, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses in the health, fitness and wellness industry to have a website that is user-friendly and informative and outshines the competitors. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that specialize in health and fitness websites, such as FitWebsites.

When it comes to website design, the healthcare industry has some of the most impressive examples out there. From sleek and modern sites to ones that are fun and interactive, there is a lot to learn from the best in the business. Here are 17 of the best health and fitness websites to inspire you for your own business.

Sherry Walling: Psychologist to Entrepreneurs


You can immediately tell Sherry Wallings had a clever professional team create her website. Its bright and bold design separates her from other medical professionals. The website clearly explains who she is, but puts emphasis on the customer (as you should be doing) and quickly answers any questions that need to be answered. You can see the framework of Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller coming through this site with the smart layout.

2. Bowles Dental: Dentist


Any Dentists businesses out there take note of this website. Just with a quick analysis of this website I can tell every dollar spent was a dollar well spent. The aesthetic is modern and professional and immediately gives you a trustworthy impression. The hero section is exceptionally strong, with an image of the space and a smiling happy customer with the words ‘Your great smile begins with a great dentist’ followed by strong call-to-action buttons to book online or call.

Overall this website is so strong and provides all the answers that a customer may have.

3. Smart Online Therapy: Mental health

Online therapy space becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. A strong website is a must to stay competitive. Like most industries but particularly the healthcare industry you need the customer to trust your business with their well-being or they will find someone else they can. The Smart Online therapy website is impressive from start to finish. The design aesthetic is welcoming and professional while giving a youthful appeal. The strategy behind the layout is clear and consistently points the viewer to take action and book.

4. Nepresh Pilates: Pilates Studio

This is another website clearly using the brilliant framework by Donald Miller, Building a StoryBrand. The clear website layout guides potential clients through the website empathizing with and educating them before calling them into action to book their free intro session.

The branding is creative and welcoming, a great aesthetic to create for a product like pilates which can sometimes be seen as too elite and unwelcoming.

5. Scorch Fitness: Gym

When well-designed gym websites are hard to find. Scorch Fitness comes out and shows you how it’s meant to be done! It’s easy to see the strategy that was written for this business. It contains a clear plan for its potential clients to drive them to take action and book a free introduction class. It also has a great email opt-in to target people that need a little more convincing to become a gym member by educating potential clients on the science behind the Scorch workouts.

The design aesthetic is bold and interesting and gives you a feeling of strength and power.

6. Sick Happens: Health Coach

This clean and classic design is simple and informative. It has a clear target audience of mothers and empathizes with the potential customer before providing a solution. This is a great example of a simple website delivering a unique solution that so many mothers would relate to.

7. Yoga Website: Yoga Studio

The instant vibe from this Yoga Website is premium well-being. This upmarket website targets the niche audience of yoga lovers who know the value of an experienced and professional yoga studio. The website aesthetic was very well crafted giving you the relaxing energy many yoga studios would like to provide their clients with. The layout follows the Storybrand formula by Donald Miller strategically taking you on a journey to get the client to book a session before leaving the website.

8. Lean Bean Fitness: Pilates Studio

My first thought looking at the website is premium. The clean and classic design immediately tells you this is a professional service that knows what they are doing. They spent their money well with the autoplay video showcasing their studio space and the workout filled with people with the body type that a potential customer would desire to have. A great contender for one of the best health and fitness websites.

9. Lemme Live: Ecommerce

Love or hate the Kardashians they make great businesses. Kourtney Kardashian’s vitamin company targeting the Gen Z audience makes the list for its unique and professional branding. The aesthetic for the layout is fun and colorful so different from other vitamin companies that keep their aesthetic simple and sometimes old-fashioned.

10. Alternaleaf: Medical Service

The medical cannabis space is quickly becoming one of the most competitive spaces in Australia as more and more consumers switch to a natural alternative. Alternaleaf has by far one of the best websites in the market. For a company such as this, a potential consumer will have a lot of questions, which Alternaleaf answers before driving you into action to book your first consultation.

11. Mike Foster: Health Workshops

Sometimes you see if a bright and colorful website design lacks professionalism. This is not the case with Mike Foster’s website. Its font choice and crisp images let you know Mike is a happy and warm individual but also qualified to provide help.

12. Jay Shetty: Coach

While a lot of us don’t have Jay Shetty’s dreamy eyes and interview experience, this website is enticing without it. The site gives off a welcoming and helpful vibe to viewers and doesn’t bombard you with the many different offers Jay Shetty provides. The quiz on a website is a great marketing tactic and is very underused in providing potential customers help without talking to a customer support agent.

13. Selph: Wellness Centre

When it comes to marketing we now know that providing your potential customer with too many options actually deters them. So how do you offer your many services without scaring away the customer??

This is where clever design comes into play. Selph clinic does a great job with this by providing a clean and clear website design and a drop-down menu to choose your service.

14. Hug Health: Fertility

As soon as you reach this website you feel like you are getting a warm hug from someone that cares. The professional photography and color palette choices let you know you are dealing with someone you can trust. The website clearly explains what fertility expert, Zita West can help you with and has great calls to action to get you started on your wellness journey.

15. Bond Vet: Vet Clinic

We can’t leave our fur babies off this list. The Bond Vet Clinic team has nailed the design and definitely deserve to be on the list for best best health and fitness websites. They have taken a modern and informative approach to the site that separates them from so many other vet clinics. It doesn’t surprise me this clinic has so many locations if you had two vet clinics to choose from and you came to this site it’s an easy decision to see that they are professionals and know what they are doing.

16. One Medical: Doctor

This is no ordinary doctor’s website. While so many doctors’ website stays in the stone-age One Medical is a modern-age business with a modern-age website. The clean design with pops of color gives a youthful and professional vibe.

17. Wellness Website: Wellness Coach

The Wellness Website was inspired by the well-being website Poosh.com. The aesthetic is clean and modern with the font choices providing the site with a take-notice elegance. The layout of this site is perfect for coaches in the health space

A professional website for any business in the healthcare industry is a must! A clean and professional website gives potential customers confidence that you know what you are doing and that have pride in your business. While a tacky ill-thought-out website will do the opposite.

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